Saturday, 6 October 2018

Dear Friends:

After posting 630 of your brilliant poems, stories, and essays, I am fresh out of new material to post, with just a few seasonal pieces lined up for a handful of future dates. 

Not to worry, posts of Writing In A Woman's Voice will resume as soon as I get new material.

So please send me more words that matter, written in a woman's voice, to

To inspire you and egg you on, here is a tantalizing syllabus of contemporary feminist writing that just came across my radar, A Master Class in Women's Rage by Kate Harding. But rage isn't our only voice, and not necessarily our best and most powerful one. There is also the shimmering importance of our beauty, our sweetness, and the dancing essence of our dreams. I hope to resume here soon.

I'll leave you with a quote from Kate Harding at the end of her syllabus: 

". . . get fired up and ready to fight. Or crawl under a blanket and cry, because the news is a lot right now. It's okay. The fight will still be there when you're ready. The fight will be there until we win."


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